An innovative program of the NSSA that improves the quality of aquatic habitat for fish and other wildlife.

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NSLC Adopt A Stream


NSLC Adopt A Stream

NSLC Adopt A Stream is a community-based watershed stewardship program offered by the Nova Scotia Salmon Association. The program provides funding and technical support to help community volunteer organizations undertake projects to protect, repair and improve the aquatic and riparian habitats of local wetlands, lakes, streams, rivers and estuaries in Nova Scotia. 

Across the province, people are doing what they can to improve their local waterways to increase fish and wildlife populations. The results are impressive. Since 1998, 40 groups have completed  projects to restore freshwater habitats and enhance fish populations in rivers and streams. These projects resulted in restoration of more than one million square meters of aquatic habitat, and the planting of 78,600 trees along riverbanks. Dedicated volunteers have invested more than 87,000 hours to this worthwhile cause.

NSLC Adopt A Stream annually supports the work of 20 to 30 community groups whose projects generally result in the restoration of upwards of 200,000 square meters of aquatic habitat. 

The program brings professional habitat biologists and volunteers together to rehabilitate aquatic habitats for fish and wildlife.  NSLC Adopt A Stream offers training and data gathering assistance to community groups.  NSLC Adopt A Stream personnel also do habitat assessments, restoration research and effectiveness monitoring. 

The Nova Scotia Salmon Association is very pleased to be partnering with the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation, the program’s title sponsor.  We are also highly appreciative of  the continued commitment of NS Fisheries and Aquaculture and the recreational fishing community through the NS Sportfish Habitat Fund.


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